This story started in May of 2009, during my final individual project for the 1st year of the Interaction Design Masters program at Malmö University. I was struct with inspiration while having a coffee with my laptop at a local cafe. I love using my favorite mouse with my laptop, but was frustrated that the table wasn’t big enough to use it at the cafe. With a little research, I realized that most input devices for portable computers were originally designed for desktop computers, and then just adapted to portable computers. All of this lead to the design of the TRKBRD, which combines a trackpad and a keyboard. (see the site for details and videos)

The TRKBRD design proposed the idea of “stacking” inputs, the way that the trackpad and keyboard are stacked to create a TRKBRD. A simple framework outlines the premise of “stacked inputs”:

  1. multiple inputs
  2. independent control of each input
  3. inputs are combined and/or attached to each other

This thesis will elaborate on this framework and include:

  • establish the “SUI” term (stacked user inputs)
  • validate the potential and future of stacking inputs
  • expand the framework for determing if something is a SUI
  • collect examples of SUIs
  • create additional physical prototypes, such as the TRKBRD
  • illustrate scenarios of SUIs being used, showing how and when to use one

Many people have made this thesis possible (in no particular order):

Thank you!

Greger Isaksson
David Cuartielles
Tony Olsson
David Sjunnesson
Aixiz Lasers
Rikard Lundstedt
Amanda Bergknut
Jörn Messeter
Per Linde
Niklas Wolkert, Rahul Sen, & Lennart Andersson at Ergonomidesign

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