Day 120

Only 5 weeks left in the thesis and only 1 week until I hand in my midway progress!

This week’s activities:

  • With 2 cubes now complete, I am delivering them to local designers to test their interaction and potential future use.
  • Working on interviewing techniques and questions that I will be asking. I’m video recording the interviews to be used for videos to support my final paper.
  • Writing initial drafts for final paper…

After midway critique:

  • Traveling to Stockholm and Århus for additional testing, along with testing more local designers and “people on the street”.
  • More writing and editing video…

Some photos from recent prototype building. In case you are wondering, I ran cords out of my 4th floor apartment into the courtyard so the apartment wouldn’t smell like burnt wood/metal/plastic.

Cords out the window.

All pieces inside each cube.

Cubes drying after being glued.

Circuit board with touch sensor and LEDs.

Final assembly of internals (button stand and cube in background).

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