Cube Construction Progress #3

Time is quickly passing, so I’m taking a short break from button coding, and progressing on the cube construction.

My initial sketches, based on component sizes, showed a cube that would need to be approximately 7 cm square. I would then have enough room for an Arduino Pro board, 3-AA batteries, QT110 chip, RGB LEDs, and enough open air that the LEDs would be able to spread the light in the cube. I had a prototype cube laser cut at 1scale1 to use while figuring out component placements and PCB board sizes. Once all the pieces for inside the cube are determined, I will have 3 final cubes laser cut, with all the necessary holes for switches cut out as well.


  • How to diffuse an LED” instructables article, showing how to sand the outside of an LED for better diffusion. I’m using this method because it doesn’t decrease the brightness too much while still nicely mixing the RGB LED.
  • Turkish Delight boxes make a great way of organizing all the pieces I need for each cube!
  • My original intent was to etch my own PCB design to speed up the cube construction process. I’m not currently familiar with the Eagle PCB design software, and it is shorribly difficult to learn, so I am opting to just use simple “swim lane” prototyping boards.

Almost all of this will go in the cube.

Proto board will be attached to top of Arduino.

Small board to capture "button press" state.

Sanding RGB LED for better color mixing.

Inside cube, with proto board, Arduino, and battery pack.

Inside cube with button in place.

Cube with all components.

Sketch for layout of components and circuits.

Collecting components for each cube.

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