“Three-State Model of Graphical Input”

by William A.S. Buxton (1990)

  1. “All input devices are not created equal in their capabilities, nor input techniques in their demands.”
  2. 6 Generic Transactions of User’s Intentions with a Device (Foley, Wallace, Chan 1984)
    1. select an object
    2. position an object
    3. orient an object
    4. ink (draw a line)
    5. text (enter text)
    6. value (specify a scalar value)
  3. 3-State Model:
    1. rooted in the human motor/sensory system
    2. device state-transition model
    3. captures more continuous properties of devices, not as much as the discrete

My thoughts:

  • This article goes into much more analytical detail.
  • I will carry this state model forward with my thesis, and use it as a way of describing my ideas, designs, and prototypes.
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