“…Interaction Techniques for Finger Sensing Input Devices”

by Jun Rekimoto, Takaaki Ishizawa, Carsten Schwesig, Haruo Oba (UIST 2003)

  1. “PreSense is a keypad that is enhanced by touch (or proximity) sensors based on capacitive sensing.” A normal physical button pad with touch sensing on top of each key.
  2. Extension of previous “SmartPad” system.
  3. Essence of direct manipulation user interfaces can be summarized as teh following 3 features: (Shneiderman)
    1. Continuous representation of the object of interest.
    2. Physical actions or labeled button presses instead of complex syntax.
    3. Rapid incremental reversible operations whose impact on the object of interest is immediately visible.
  4. Two types of feedback: 1) reactive, 2) proactive (preview)
  5. Mentions gesture interface possibilities.
  6. “It can provide kinesthetic feedback because users can feel the button shape when touching it.”
  7. Mentions multi-key input, key-chording, and touch-shift as alternative data input methods with touch keypad.

My thoughts:

  • “Preview Feedback” is an important element that they introduce to physical button interfaces. You don’t have the same “hover” effect in the physical form, as you do in the virtual world of a mouse and websites. Allows (from the text):
    • transparent operation (tooltips)
    • rapid inspection of possibilities (to avoid undo)
    • efficient use of screen space
  • They are more interested in creating another layer of interaction that augments an interface, rather than creating additional independent layers of interaction in a stacked interface.
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