“Layered Touch Panel”

“…The Input Device with Two Touch Panel Layers”

by Yujin Tsukada, Takeshi Hoshino (CHI 2002)

  1. “…two touch panel layers, so that it is able to distinguish two touch states such as ‘finger on screen’ and ‘finger above screen’.”
  2. Adds an invisible infrared field about 20mm above the physical touch screen.
  3. Allows for a “rollover effect” for buttons or screen elements.

My thoughts:

  • Follows Buxton’s “3-State Model of Graphical Input“:
    • No touch
    • Touch invisible proximity layer
    • Touch visible touchscreen
  • Similar to my TRKBRD prototype, but that the top layer is being used to augment the bottom layer. The top layer is not being used as a separate input interface, but as a way to make the bottom layer more intelligent. Could this be used to help define the differences of “layering” and “stacking” layers of interaction?
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