“Getting a Grip on Tangible Interaction”

“…A Framework on Physical Space and Social Interaction”

by Eva Hornecker, Jacob Buur (2006)

  1. A framework for the interweaving of the material/physical and the social aspects of tangible interaction.
  2. Framework:
    • Tangible Manipulation: material representations with distinct tactile qualities, which are typically physically manipulated in tangible interaction.
    • Spatial Interaction: tangible interaction is embedded in real space, and occurs by movement in space.
    • Embodied Facilitation: configuration of material objects and space affects and directs emerging group behavior.
    • Expressive Representation: expressiveness and legibility of the material and digital representations employed by tangible interaction.

My thoughts:

  • Could this framework be used to brainstorm ideas? or classify ideas?
  • The more I read this paper, the more I like it and feel convinced that the framework will help me.
  • The framework nicely makes a separation between the various points of tangible interaction:
    • Individual sensory
    • Individual body in a space
    • Individual with others at a place
    • Expressive effects in all of the above
  • At this point in my thesis, I am most concerned with Tangible, Spatial, and Expressive (in the diagram below). I am only interested in the Embodied in the non-social aspect.

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