Circuit Board Etching Made Easy

I’ve heard about etching your own circuit boards at home for awhile now, but have always been hesitant. This video made it quite clear and easy! I just have to see if I can get the supplies in Sweden now. If I can get the supplies, I would use this method to create the necessary boards for any prototypes I build for the thesis.

from Make Magazine:

The video mentions that the necessary supplies are available from Jameco, but they can only ship the supplies by ground, which presents us in Europe to receive it. I think ELFA in the EU has the supplies but I am still trying to find the necessary pieces.

Electrokit in Malmö has the necessary supplies:

  • Developer #41000469
  • Etching #41002328 or #41002488
  • UV lamp from some other store
  • Light-sensitive boards such as #41004123
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