Supporting death sketches

A few sketches I took while writing my last paper on life of hard drives after death. It’s an interesting read that I would love to get your feedback on. Throughout writing, I would get stuck on where I should actually start writing, or where my thoughts were leading. I had done so much research and knew all of the points in my head, but couldn’t always figure out how to organize them for the paper. Sketching helped me organize the thoughts.

First sketch: planning out the likely flow of future services surrounding handling my data after I die. The top shows the current path of my physical possessions. The bottom path shows the potential future of my digital possessions. No matter what the possessions are, they all end up at the end where they will be kept, thrown out, given away, or saved. FYI, that weird drawing in the top middle, in the bottom right corner, that’s a camera with a lense.

Second sketch: showing the flow of responsibility when it comes to handling death. I have responsibilities before I die, to prepare my possessions (physical and digital) for proper handling when I die. My family has the responsibility to attempt to fulfill my wishes when I die, and handle my possessions. All the way to being responsible on a “world level”, as to think of your actions at the “big picture” level. What will be the consequences of your actions at the world level? Should you put all your digital possessions online even though it will cost large amounts of energy to support the data for generations to come?

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