In case you hadn’t notices, I added a new link in the main navigation of the page, at the top: “Tasks!”. I have employed another tool to help me organize my thesis and all the tasks necessary to complete it. I can’t remember where I first heard or saw, but I think it will help me organize, for a modest price.

I’m still learning about the SCRUM process for agile development. The “sprints” are timelines for the various tasks. I am setting up my sprints to be one per week, usually. The “story” for each row will be somewhat like a requirement for the project. Each story has multiple tasks that are necessary, which are all the small “post-its” in the row, filed under the column for its status.

I’m new to SCRUM, so any advice or pointers are welcome!

    • Uli
    • February 15th, 2010


    I´m learning Scrum, too, at the moment.
    But in my case I´m working together with engineers, which means that I´m one sprint ahead (or more) normally.
    We are doing reviews after each sprint to finde out what went wrong and what is blocking us.
    I can recommend that.


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