I will talk more about this “sketching” process later, but WOW has it been useful so far. I’ve never really been a sketching type of person, nor have I gone through Art school. The closest I have gotten to sketching, was while sitting on the curb in 8th grade, staring at a Law office across the street, drawing each and every detail of that office (which was a large house) including the terrible wood panelled siding.

Even though I still have some anxiety about maintaining these sketches everyday, and even stare blankly at the paper for the first few minutes each time, I’m so happy with what I have produced and the ideas they have given me.

My TRKBRD design is in the early stages of being redesigned, completely! Yes, it is quite exciting. This time it will be a much smaller form factor and use completely different technology. I am thinking of naming it TRKMBL, to be pronounced “trackmobile”. I am still in the very early stages of design and development, but this new sketch gives some insight into the proposed design. I want to zero in on the mobile phone form factor, creating stacked inputs with a 9-button pad and touch-sensitive “cursor” control.

What I discovered from this sketch is an exciting tangent from the TRKBRD design that I would have taken for granted. For such a small keypad and touch surface, would I still be controlling a cursor on a small screen? Is there room on the screen for a cursor when dealing with a non-iPhone smartphone? I have a feeling the answer is… no. What I want to explore, is using the “cursor control” touch sensitivity of the buttons to control a selection box. It reminds me of DVD menus: you don’t control a cursor, but you do control a selection box with your remote control. Maybe this could create a faster selection process, or allow for faster SMS message typing?

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