Sketch One

The first of my daily sketches, which I will explain later.

What I learned…
Why not show the Windows operating system and the Mac operating system for my TRKBRD demo? Would it change people’s perception of the demo or its capabilities or future? I have made people surprised that I am a Windows-OS-kind-of-guy, since I don’t know, only “creative” people use Macs? I could easily show both operating systems in the TRKBRD demo, since it would only be a matter of creating the correct corresponding graphics in the Flash movie.

This also shows the multiple interactions I want to show in the demo. And by demo, I’m referring to my demonstration presentation at the upcoming IxDA’s Interaction ’10 conference in Savannah in February. I will need to be able to:

  • TAPTAP to open a folder
  • TAPTAP to open a document
  • TAPTAP to select a word, and then type a new word
  • TAP to place my cursor and type additional words
  • TAP to close the document, TAP to save document
  • TAP to close folder

Piece of cake…

PS. Yes…my drawing skills are non-existent, but I’m hoping to improve them, or maybe develop some skill there. And yes, I did initially think I had 6 fingers. Sad.

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