Holiday/Class Delays

Unfortunately other engagements have taken most of my time in the last few days…

Happy Holidays!
I’d like to wish everyone reading this, a Happy Holiday and an upcoming Happy New Year! …or a Happy Whatever-Holiday-You-Celebrate-At-The-Moment! It has been nice to be away from work for the last few days, but of course, now I have to get back into the work rhythms I had established before the holiday.

I am also finishing up my last class for this semester too. I have a final assignment that I am working on for the “Big Picture” topic for our “Criticism” class. I have decided to write about “What happens to your hard drives when you die?” theme. I will be extrapulating this concept to multiple levels, and hopefully demonstrating the effects at those levels. For example, when I die, what will happen to the terabytes of photos that I have stored on harddrives? Will my parents or kids save them? Look at them? Erase them? Save them for future generations? If they kept them, or if some service was available to properly display them to the world… What would happen if everyone in the world did this? How many petabytes, or exabytes, or yottabytes will be necessary to store them? What impact will that have on the world?

Any thoughts or reflections about your harddrives? What would you want to happen to your drives when you die?

I am hoping to resume my sketches and thesis work soon…

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