Day One

Today, on the shortest day of the year, I am officially starting my Interaction Design Master’s thesis at Malmö University, in Malmö Sweden.

This blog will be the central location for everything related to the progress of my thesis project… what am I doing each day, what am I researching, what physical prototypes am I building, and what is the progress of this short 4 month project.

I urge you to also follow my twitter feed too, which will include short summaries of my blog posts: @stackedui

Please comment whenever you feel the urge to! I am looking forward to feedback on everything I do and share with you here. This is my first thesis-type project, or, a project of this magnitude. I have high hopes for myself in what I want to achieve, in what I want to discover, in what I want to build, and in how this will affect my future jobs and passions.

Recent weather in Malmö, though, it has been snowing for the last 4 days:

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